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An athletic recruiting software for every sport

College recruiting in a league of its own

We get it, you work your tail off to be seen, to get good, hoping to get seen by the right coach at the right game to get into the school of your choice and achieve the dream you’ve constantly worked for. 

Long gone are the days of hoping for that coach to make it to your game so you can perform at your best.

Now with Haystack’s premiere software for college recruiting, we can get you seen by the coaches that can put you ahead than ever before.

Our athletic recruiting software makes it easier for aspiring athletes to get in touch with the college and coach they choose. The sports recruits software makes communication as easy as possible letting the athlete have complete control over the recruiting process.

You’re in control from the start, you have the ability to choose your own path from the beginning and it’s the surest way to make sure it’s the path for you.

COVID-19 has nothing on the award-winning brand, HAYSTACK. An athletic recruiting software to put you ahead of the pack . Take advantage of today’s technology and start your journey today.

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Software for college recruiting has never been easier in today’s world with Haystack.

Putting this in perspective, an out-of-state college tuition for Michigan State University is about $40,000 a year. If we do the math, that’s about 72,500 students going to MSU, which is way beyond what that school can handle because they’ve enrolled about 50,344 students in 2016. This is just to show you that with a leading edge like Haystack’s athletic recruiting software can do to help put you in the front of that list. If you don’t believe us or the numbers then take it from the people who’ve been through our program.

Haystack makes it easier for you to find schools in a matter of seconds that YOU prefer and not something family, friends, or society thinks you should attend.

Connect easily with coaches
One of the most frustrating and time consuming things is trying to find a coach’s email online. Fear no longer as our athletic recruiting software won’t let you deal with that headache anymore, you can connect with recurring coordinators, coaches, and position coaches in seconds.
Complexity is the enemy of execution
The college recruiting process is hard but you can do it. Here at Haystack, we want to make things as easy as possible, like giving you the ability to manage tasks, organize notes, and track emails. It’s a software that takes care of the things for you rather than jumping from scribbling a bunch of notes on pen and paper or typing it into your phone which you know you won’t get back to.
Make yourself known to colleges you want to be seen by.
You have the ability to create a stunning profile that lists all your information from academics, athletics, even the opportunity to put up captivating videos to help you stand out.
Lack of attention halts the recruiting process
Stay organized and on top of tasks to help you stay on the path. Choose to get notified through text alerts or email to ensure you don’t fall off the wagon.

Get in touch with coaches and colleges across the united states.

No matter your sport, Haystack’s sports recruits software covers them all, including club sports.

Football. Baseball. Volleyball. Soccer. Lacrosse. Swimming. Golf. Cheer. And Others!

We know the college recruiting process feels daunting.

We’re here to make it easy. Through every step of the journey, we’ll be your biggest fan.

You have the power to choose what fits you.

Getting recruited by the college of your choice is a surreal feeling and a serious task, that’s why Haystack makes it a priority to get you the college recruiting software you need.

Haystack connects students with qualified college coaches across the United States. The sports recruits software is a comprehensive database yet simple and easy to use on the user’s end. What’s even cooler is that you can even get real-time alerts (if you leave your notifications on) so you know who is looking at you. 

Haystack provides easy access to the information you need about the schools and coaches you’re working with. Being able to communicate one-on-one with your coach has never been easier.

Encapsulate your time as you do your recruiting process

Spend your time with Haystack’s college recruiting software because it saves the time you spent. The more you pour your heart and sweat into this the more chances you have of getting seen by the college of your choice. If you were to do everything we mentioned here off of this platform, you’d be spending way more time trying to organize all the emails, tasks, notes, even the profile you built to market yourself. Imagine going through this process again and again as you reach out to different colleges hoping to get seen.

This software encapsulates your time because it’s all there ready to be seen by hundreds of college coaches and schools. It works for you rather than you having to work day by day off the platform to get seen by colleges. Haystack’s recruiting software has 52,000 college coaches and 2,000 colleges on its platform.


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